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57… 58… 59… Curtain.

David Simpatico

One minute play festival…

No, really? One minute? I only have sixty seconds?

I better hurry.

Well, lots of things can happen in one minute.

You can end a life.

You can create a life.

You can start something you can’t finish.

You can finish something you didn’t start.

You can be caught in the act.

You can be caught rehearsing the act.

You can act like you weren’t caught rehearsing the act.

You can be simple. You can be complex. You can be simply complex.

Sixty seconds…ok 59, til the darkness descends…

Reduce the moment to its crystallized form.

Cut cut cut cut.

Pray for the best.

Wrestling and Death. Two of my favorite subjects.

Looking forward to the two minutes I’ll have on my own in the festival, and all the other minutes before and after them. Very excited…





-David Simpatico

80+ plays. 30+ actors. 7 directors. 1-minute.

The 4th Annual NY One Minute Play Festival

Saturday, Sept. 25th & Sunday, Sept. 26th at 8pm

At Astoria Performing Arts Center

Buy your tickets here: http://bit.ly/1-minute-tix

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