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“I will not offer you drugs. Pinky swear.”

Maya Macdonald

My one minute play is called DEAD ON THE INSIDE and it’s a comedy.  Seriously.  I just watched the final dress at INTAR last night and can vouch for Jen Ring and Scott Rad Brown’s hilariously deadpan delivery under the direction of Dominic D’Andrea, the festival’s creator.

DEAD ON THE INSIDE was inspired by two things: a one-act I am drafting, and a very odd experience I had at a theatre fundraiser.

The one-act is titled THE REALLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, and was commissioned by Julie Kline of Rising Phoenix Rep, and Rattlestick.

Without revealing too much of about this play in progress, I will tell you that it is about two blogger ladies named Lynn and Lucie.  Lynn tells Lucie stories about her escapades around New York City, then Lucie spins them into blog posts.

DEAD ON THE INSIDE was inspired by one of Lynn’s stories, which is in turn inspired by one of my own.

Did you follow me there?  Good.  There’s totally more.

The story itself is actually based on something that happened to me this past January.  I was at the Too Little Too Late fundraiser, held at a bar on the Lower East Side.  I had been there long enough to purchase a discounted beverage when a seemingly normal gentleman approached me.  Well, actually I will take the word “normal” back and replace it with: just strange enough to pass as a theatre artist.  Gentleman in question took my hand and said he had to tell me something. Assuming that this dude was somehow involved with the show or that I had met him in another context, I talked with him for a short while until he quite literally offered me drugs.  Confused and a quite a bit jarred, I asked him what his connection was to the fundraiser and the production.  He told me he was in no way involved in said production but rather was just some guy hanging out at the bar.  He said that he saw me and thought, “that girl looks like someone who needs drugs.”  I quickly declined this man’s offer and went back to the party.  I am still unsure as to whether or not looking like someone who needs drugs is a compliment.

Come to One-Minute Plays.  I will not offer you drugs.  Pinky swear.

-Maya Macdonald

80+ plays. 30+ actors. 7 directors. 1-minute.

The 4th Annual NY One Minute Play Festival

Saturday, Sept. 25th & Sunday, Sept. 26th at 8pm

At Astoria Performing Arts Center

Buy your tickets here: http://bit.ly/1-minute-tix

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