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Announcing the playwrights for the Los Angeles and San Francisco One-Minute Play Festivals!!!!!

We are thrilled to announce the participants and partnering theatres for the first two of our many upcoming National One-Minute Play Festivals. It’s an exciting time of growth and learning for the festival. We hope to be able to capture the same spirit of community and collaboration in these cities as in our NYC Festival. We have taken asked different writers, directors, and actors to participate in making the festival in each city, so the festival will be about and with the community in every case. This is an amazing line-up of writers, and we could not be prouder of our partnering theatre. Soon, we will be posting essays of the playwrights, and of our partnering theatres & their leaders. Thanks to all the artists for saying “yes!”

The Los Angeles One-Minute Play Festival in Partnership with East LA Rep

December 11 & 12, 2010 at East LA Rep

The Playwrights are:

Sibyl O’Malley, Larissa FastHorse, Matt Pelfrey, Alice Tuan, Oliver Mayer, Velina Hasu Houston, Anthony Aguilar, Boni Alvarez, Adelina Anthony, Ricardo Bracho, Jose “CC” Casas, Michael John Garces, Anne Garcia-Romero, Sigrid Gilmer, Michael Golamco, Jose Cruz Gonzalez, Donald Jolly, Lisa Loomer, Bernardo Solano, Ross Maxwell, Steve Yockey, Kelly Younger, Brooke Berman, Jihan Crowther, Annette Lee, Jerome Parker, Mike Vukadinovich, Julie Marie Myatt, Mickey Birnbaum, David Myers, Shishir Kurup, Lynn Manning, Julie Hebert, Kit Steinkellner, Raquel Gutierrez, Evangeline Ordaz, and more!

The San Francisco One-Minute Play Festival in Partnership with Playwrights Foundation

December 18 & 19, 2010 at Thick House

The Playwrights are:

Crish Barth, Tim Bauer, Tom Swift, Erin M. Bregman, Michelle Carter, Claire Chafee, Chris Chen, Anthony Clarvoe, Erik Ehn, Elizabeth Gjelten, Prince Gomolvilas, Garrett Jon Groenveld, Lauren Gunderson, Robert Henry Johnson, Aaron Loeb, John O’Keefe, Marisela Treviño Orta, Geetha Reddy, Steven Salzman, Tanya Shaffer, Brian Thorstenson, Enrique Urueta, Lauren Yee, Evelyn Pine, Steve Yockey, Brooke Berman, Julia Jarcho, Eugenie Chan, and more!

New York One-Minute Play Festival alumni joining for both of these festivals are:

Rachel Axler, Qui Nguyen, Andrea Thome, David Simpatico, Mando Alvarado, Tanya Saracho, Kristoffer Diaz, Caridad Svich, Joshua Conkel, Matthew Paul Olmos, J. Julian Christopher, & Rose Martula.

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