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The First Annual S.F. One-Minute Play Festival!

The New York One-Minute Play Festival & The Playwrights Foundation


The First Annual San Francisco One-Minute Play Festival

80+Plays. 30+Actors. 5 Directors. 1-Minute.
Saturday, December 18th @ 8pm
Sunday, December 19th @ 7pm
Thick House
1695 18th Street, San Francisco, 94107

It’s theater boiled down to its essence. Sixty Seconds from lights up to lights down. The much-anticipated short-form theatre festival comes to San Francisco in partnership with new play development center Playwrights Foundation! Curated by Dominic D’Andrea, the program will present over 80 plays all under sixty seconds by some of the most exciting emerging and established writers in the American Theatre.

The 2010 San Francisco One-Minute Play Festival Playwrights Are:
Crish Barth, Tim Bauer, Tom Swift, Erin M. Bregman, Michelle Carter, Claire Chafee, Trevor Allen, Christopher Chen, Anthony Clarvoe, Erik Ehn, Elizabeth Gjelten, Prince Gomolvilas, Garrett Jon Groenveld, Lauren Gunderson, Robert Henry Johnson, Aaron Loeb, John O’Keefe, Marisela Treviño Orta, Geetha Reddy, Steven M. Salzman, Tanya Shaffer, Brian Thorstenson, Enrique Urueta, Lauren D. Yee, Evelyn Jean Pine, Steve Yockey, Brooke Berman, Julia Jarcho, and Eugenie Chan.

And Alumni Playwrights:
Rachel Axler, Qui Nguyen, Andrea Thome, David Simpatico, Mando Alvarado, Tanya Saracho, Kristoffer Diaz, Caridad Svich, Joshua Conkel, Matthew Paul Olmos, J. Julian Christopher, & Rose Martula.

Directed by:
Paul Cello (Freelance Director & Educator), Desdemona Chiang (Associate Artistic Director of Impact Theatre), Dominic D’Andrea (Festival Curator), Meredith McDonough (Director of New Works, TheatreWorks), Jonathan Spector (Freelance Director, Co-Founder, Just Theater), Tracy Ward (Freelance Director)

The New York One-Minute Play Festival:
Created by director Dominic D’Andrea, the New York One-Minute Play Festival started as a short-form theatre experiment in 2007 at the Brick Theater in Williamsburg seeking to distill a theatrical event down to its most immediate and elemental form of storytelling. Past festivals have included: The Brick Theater in Williamsburg (also partnering with Monarch Theatre), Brooklyn (2007); TBG Arts Theatre (2008); HERE Arts Center as part of the Autumn Artist Lodge (2009); and now at APAC (2010.) This year the festival will have a national presence, partnering with East LA Rep (Los Angeles, CA) & The Playwrights Foundation (San Francisco California) in December of 2010. Festivals are also being planned for Washington, DC, Chicago, and Boston.

Over the past 3 years, the New York One Minute Play Festival has produced over 300 new sixty-second plays:

Mando Alvarado, Trista Baldwin, Andy Bragen, Abigail Browde, Clay McLeod Chapman, Ally Collier, James Comtois, Emily Conbere, Migdalia Cruz, Mike Daisey, Bathsheba Doran, Michael John Garces, Jason Grote, Ashlin Halfnight, Christina Ham, Jakob Holder, J. Holtham, Kyle Jarrow, Rajiv Joseph, Sibyl Kempson, Callie Kimball, Courtney Brooke Lauria, Matthew Lopez, Qui Nguyen, Emily O’Dell, Matt Olmos, Daria Politan, Mac Rogers, Trav SD, Lloyd Suh, Adam Szymkowicz, Andrea Thome, Gary Winter, Anna Zeigler, Ed Napier, Liz Meriwether , Brian Dykstra, Rachel Axler , Caridad Svich , Bixby Elliot, Chiori Miyagawa, Justin Deabler, Jeff Lewonczyk, Alex Beech, David Zellnik, Matthew Freeman, Jihan Crowther, Robert Askins, Ross Maxwell, Sam Forman, Kobun Kaluza , Carla Ching, Graham Gordy, Cassandra Medley , Anna Fields , Ken Urban , Kristoffer Diaz, Susan Bernfield, Leslie Kramer , Michael Sendrow , Victor Lodato, Meghan Mostyn-Brown, Anton Dudley , Saviana Stanescu, Christine Evans, Daniel Talbott, Crystal Skillman, Mat Smart, Rob Urbinati, John Devore, Jessica Litwak, Bob Kerr, J. Julian Christopher, Ian Cohen, Chris Harcum, Matt Schatz, Lanna Joffrey, August Schulenburg, David Simpatico, Daniel McCoy, Michael Golmaco, Meghan Sass, Josh Conkel, Matt Gunn Park, Corina Copp, Laurel Haines, Erica Saleh, Bekah Brunstetter, Janine Nabers, Alexis Clements, Eric Bland, Peter Gil-Sheraton, Jen Silverman, Mallery Avidon, Anna Moench, Maya Macdonald, Paul Thureen & Hanah Bos, James Carter, Tanya Saracho, Micah Bucey, Tom X. Chao, Rose Martula, Andrea Ciannavei, Enrique  Urueta, Ben Cikanek, Liz Duffy Adams, Michael Bradford, Robert Saietta, Tommy Smith, Alejandro Morales, Avi Glickstein, and more!

The 1st Annual San Francisco One-Minute Play Festival will play at the Thick House (1695 18th Street, SF, CA 94107), Saturday December 18th and Sunday December 19th, 2010 at 7PM. Tickets ($15) are available through Brown Paper Tickets at: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/137981

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