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Me Write Good

Anthony Agular



I’ve written for play festivals before, but I was always given the maximum of ten minutes. Now that ten has been cut down to one, and boy did I run into some trouble. So I’ve written a guideline that helped me through the process. Presenting,


“How to Write a One Minute Play in 11 Easy Steps”

  1. Brainstorm – Gather your thoughts as to what you want to write about. Think of inspirations, muses, and other subject matter that motivates you to write.
  2. Draft – Begin to write your play. Do not worry about the time limit, this is just a draft.
  3. Trim – Begin to cut down your play, trying your best to reach one minute. Be sure to time yourself as you are reading it.
  4. Realization – Realize that writing a 60 second play is more challenging than you thought.
  5. Doubt – Begin to doubt yourself and wonder how you ended up in this situation.
  6. Panic – Fear that you won’t be able to complete such a daunting task and have society label you as a procrastinator for the rest of your life.
  7. Cry – Fetal position usually works best.
  8. Cry some more.
  9. Support – Reach out to a friend who believes in you, giving you the moral support you need. (If you don’t have a friend to do this, pay someone)
  10. Get back on track – Overcome all neuroses, focus on your objective, and finish that play.
  11. Submission – Submit your play, cross those fingers, and wish for the best.


Now, let this be written in stone and placed on the mantle of the One Minute Play Festival Headquarters, so future playwrights may look upon it and question the credibility of the person who wrote it.



–        Anthony Aguilar



Anthony’s plays are a part of The First Annual LA One-Minute Play Festival this weekend!! Dec 11th and 12th at 8PM East LA Rep!!! Don’t miss it! Tickets are $15 cash only and available at the door!

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