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“– A minute is more like a breath than a play.”

Garret Groenveld

— A minute is more like a breath than a play.

— In a one-minute play you can’t take a lot of time to get going or you’ll be done before you started.

— In a one-minute play the end just happened, did you miss it?

— The middle just, just like my waistline, has expanded, and needs to be trimmed.

— And here’s a case for poetry.  Critiques often say, “The writing was poetic.”  When it’s not, it might be elegant, it might be labored or it might even be full of flourish, but not poetic.  It’s poetic when it transports, when the unexpected is achieved through a combination of language, metaphor and spatial relation on the page/with the audience.

— Try rhyme, and couplets, if you can (that’s what I did).  And try to make a punch line out of matching a sex act with a major British poet.

— I also argue against poetry.  Just say it, already and get over yourself!

— A one minute play is to a ten minute play as a ten minute play is to a full length.
— In a one-minute play, form and content are not strangers, in a one minute play, they’re twins.
— Talk fast, you can get more words in.
— Talk slower, you can get more movement.
— Spill the beans early.  Or spill them before the play started and spend the minute picking them up.
— The festival will just be a winter fling, short and beautiful and over before New Years.  It’ll break your heart when it’s over … oh, look, it’s over.

-Garret Groenveld

Garret’s plays are part of The First Annual SF One-Minute Play Festival, in partnership with The Playwrights Foundation. Saturday Dec 18 at 8PM, and Sunday Dec 19 at 7PM at the Thick House in San Francisco, California. Tickets are already almost sold out, and available here!!

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