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A one-minute play is like a kiss.

Mariah MacCarthy

A one-minute play is like a kiss.

You don’t get to plan it much, or even if you try to, it won’t happen the way you planned.

It’s over before you know it, even if you lose track of time in the moment.

You learn everything you need to know in one second.

And yet, you can be a great kisser and lousy with a “full length,” and vice versa.

You wonder if it’ll lead to something more, and maybe it will later, but right now it’s all you’ve got. Stop skipping ahead in your mind and be present in the moment.

If you always do it the same way, even if you think you’ve perfected your form, you’re missing out.

Don’t bite your tongue. Everyone loses when you do.

But don’t let it all out either; you don’t want to overwhelm, or trigger a gag reflex.

Remember that a kiss is not masturbation, even when only one character is onstage. It’s a dance with an unpredictable, uncontrollable force. Give and give in, and ye shall receive.

-Mariah MacCarthy

Mariah’s plays are part of the New Jersey One-Minute Play Festival in partnership with the New Brunswick Theater Festival, January 22nd and 23rd at Rutgers University. For Details visit here.

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