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50 Playwrights for the Chicago One-Minute Play Festival with Victory Gardens



We are excited and proud to be  working with Victory Gardens Theater for the First Chicago One-Minute Play Festival on May 15ht and 16th, 2011 at Zacek McVay Theater in the historic Biograph Theater.  It’s going to be the biggest festival in the history of our organization: about 130 plays submitted from exactly 50 playwrights we asked to write, of which we will do about 90 with at least 1 play represented from every writer.

And the playwrights are:

1. Tanya Saracho

2. David Cerda

3. Phillip Dawkins

4. Chisa Hutchinson

5. Brett Neveu

6. Justin Palmer

7. Andrew Hinderaker

8. Reginald Lawrence (aka Shepsu Aakhu)

9. Kristoffer Diaz

10. Christopher DePaola

11. Chelsea Marcantel

12. Lonnie Carter

13. Zayd Dohrn

14. Mia McCullough

15. Randall Colburn

16. Dana Lynn Formby

17. Marisa Wegrzyn

18. Idris Goodwin

19. Stephen Grush

20. PatrickMcLean

21. Nick Zagone

22. James Sherman

23. Patricia Kane

24. Andrew Gerle

25. Joel Johnson

26. Bilal Dardai

27. Usman Ally

28. Laura Jacqmin

29. Mike Ervin

30. Seth Bockley

31. Evan Linder

32. Leonard Madrid

33. Lisa Dillman

34. Jake Minton

35. Nick Patricca

36. S.L. Daniels

37. Caitlin Parrish

38. Arlene Malinowski

39. Wendell Etherly

40. Nambi E. Kelley

41. Robert Tenges

42. Carlos Murillo

43. Aaron Carter

44. Emily Schwartz

45. Jackie Sibblies Drury

46. Andrea Thome

47. Joshua Conkel

48. Reeny Hofricher

49. Gloria Bond Clunie

50. Michael Golmaco


Stay tuned for more details!

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