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“We bring a bounty of judgment to ourselves when it comes to food…”

Raquel Gutiérrez


Writing a 1-minute play during the Creative Seeds series is pretty frustrating—mostly because there are so many conversations happening around the issues of hunger. It’s challenging choosing one topic…so what’s left to do other than write many one minute plays?


During the Cornerstone playwright’s story circle, I heard a lot of questions and answers relating to the judgment of self and others around food choices. This was my favorite thread as it reveals our collective flaw around why our food system is as skewed as it is. We bring a bounty of judgment to ourselves when it comes to food—you eat too much, you don’t have a proper bowel movement, you buy too much but share too little. It’s no wonder we have a cornucopia of conflicted feelings around our scarcities and abundances, our perceived successes and many failures.


But rather than feeling defeated or even overwhelmed by the feelings of impending food doom, I think I am going to make light of the theater of absurdity we’re all living in and try and write a play about McDonald’s jingles. Each time I say McDonald’s my mouth betrays me and starts watering. That’s pretty evil considering how obsessed I’ve become with incorporating kale and flaxseed into every meal I consume.


But alas, I consider this my own David-against-Goliathesque intervention—that is, a way to resist and to undo the decades of Pavlovian training at the hands of big corporate blood food-mongers.


-Raquel Gutiérrez







Single Servings: A One-Minute Play Festival on the topic of hunger in L.A. is a collaboration between Cornerstone Theater Company and The One-Minute Play Festival as part of  Creative Seeds: An Exploration of Hunger. November 17th 2011, 8PM at Tateuchi Democrary Forum at the Japanese American National Museum. PWYC tickets are available here

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