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rampant badassery

Lisa Burdick


The first thing I thought when I got an email from Dominic inviting me to submit to the Boston One-Minute Play Festival was “Wow!  I wonder how I got on that list!”  The second thing I thought was, “I wonder how I can help.”  It’s true.  And unless he’s cleaned out his inbox, Dominic should have the email to prove it.  The third thing I thought was, “I wonder what I should write about.”  This order of events may make you wonder if I’m really a playwright.  I sometimes do too.  But then I get an idea for something that I think will work on stage and I am, eventually, compelled to put it on paper.  Compelled.  As in I can’t function as a human being until I do exactly that.  If that’s not a description of what it’s like to be a writer, then I don’t know what is.


So, yes, I accepted the challenge to write two one-minute plays.  Enter Meron Langsner.  Meron, among other amazing talents, is a fight choreographer.  He’s also a friend, both on Facebook and in the real world.  On Facebook he posted that his recent endeavors may have set a personal record for rampant badassery.  I know!  I mean seriously, how could anyone, let alone a playwright, resist a term like rampant badassery?  Well, at least my third wondering had an answer.  My One-Minute Play Festival submissions would be full of rampant badassery, in one way or another.


Suddenly.  It’s my favorite word.  Yes, I know this because I have spent at least part of my life watching James Lipton ask that question of actors on Bravo.  But the first time I heard the question, I didn’t even have to think about the answer.  Suddenly.  Suddenly, your life changes.  Today might be the day you have a suddenly moment.  Most good plays are about that, aren’t they?  And suddenly moments last less than a minute.  So, I’ve got Suddenly and Rampant Badassery as inspirations.


What’s next?  The Beatles, of course.  I’m surprised there is no book entitled Everything I Need to Know in Life, I Learned from The Beatles.  Maybe there is.  Ok, I Googled for you, there’s a Facebook page.  Most useful for the business at hand, the thing I learned from The Beatles is that a minute really is a long time, when you look at it properly.  Go Netflix or Google or YouTube Yellow Submarine – the movie.  You can accomplish a lot in a minute, including character development, all you need is love.  Yeah, that’s right, love, love of theater, love of what you’re doing, love of the audience, love of a challenge.  That and a little rampant badassery.


-Lisa Burdick 


The First Boston One-Minute Play Festival will take place Jan 7-9, 2012 in partnership with Boston Playwrights’ Theatre. 70 new plays by 35+ Boston and New England Playwrights. For tickets and info, click here


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