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Announcing the 2nd Annual New Jersey One-Minute Play Festival

Announcing The Second Annual New Jersey One-Minute Play Festival

The One-Minute Play Festival (OMPF) is again partnering with the New Brunswick Theatre Festival (now part of CoLab Arts) to present the Second Annual New Jersey One-Minute Play Festival.

Sunday Jan 22nd at 7PM at Mile Square Theatre in Hoboken, NJ (720 Monroe Street  Hoboken, NJ 07030-6315)

$20 online and at the door

For tickets visit: http://www.colab-arts.org/one-minute-play-festival

For info: visit www.oneminuteplays.wordpress.com

This festival is supporting NBTF teaching artist working in the New Brunswick community with stipends for their coming season.

Featuring 50 brand new one-minute plays created specifically for this festival by NJ playwrights:

Barry Putt, Jackie Goldfinger, Jonathan Elliott, Pia Wilson, Josh Levine, Carrie Louise Nutt, Stacie Lents, David Lee White, Chisa Hutchinson, Brendon Votipka, Lisa Huberman, Erica Berman, Peter Handy, Joe Parzycki, Ian August, Dano Madden, James Christy, Jon Hoche, Brian Dykstra, Clare Drobot, Raymond MacAnally, Nicole Pandolfo, Matt Schatz, Alex Gherardi, and more!


Directed by: John P. Keller, Melissa Firlit, Dano Madden, David Winitsky, Michael Criscuolo, and West Hyler (Resident director of Jersey Boys who is serving as the festival director for the NJ OMPF.)

Curated by OMPF Producing Artistic Director Dominic D’Andrea

Co-Produced by Dominic D’Andrea of OMPF and John P Keller of NBTF/CoLab Arts.

Featuring: Christina Gordon, Drew Dix, Laura French, Jennifer Crane TurnerGavin Johnson, Breanna Foister, Annapurna Sriram, Aaron Ballard, Blaire Brooks, John Gardner, Ted Coluca, Jr., Tim Giles, Michael Mraz, J. Michael Polisano, Jen Rabbitt Ring, Marc Sinoway, Jillian Tully, C.L. Weatherstone, Ryan Neely, Craig Dolezel, Carrie Watt, Christina Norris, Kate Villanova, Alex Gherardi, Al-nisa Petty, Christa Cillaroto, Peter Reiman, Sophie Orlof, Heinley Gaspard, and Annie Lutz.

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