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Joseph M. Paprzycki


A play is a collection of moments…moments of emotion…moments of love…hate…..happiness or anger between two or more characters or …sometimes…only in a single character’s mind in a vision that is brought to us by a playwright.  I had never written a one minute play before.  I have written many full length and one act plays…collections of these moments that one minute could illuminate…but never had been asked to whittle my work down to such a format.

When I received Dominic’s email it first seemed a little gimmicky to me.  A minute?  What possibly could be said to an audience in such a short period of time that had any relevance or would hold a theatre goers interest…even in such a short moment.  I reread the email again and the idea began to intrigue me.  What moments were floating around my head…..waiting to be connected on a larger canvas that were deep inside me…and needing to come out.  I read the email for a third time and…thankfully…things started to percolate.  A few hours later, my first one minute plays were written and submitted.  I realized that these moments could stand alone…and show people connecting and changing in a way that I had written about in all of my plays in the past.  The brevity of these conversations led to pinpoint craftsmanship.  I read the plays aloud and was happy I heard the familiar voices in my head that lead me to all of my plays….led by Dominic’s voice in written form that brought me to this new genre of work.

I am honored to have been invited to participate and I will be rushing to Hoboken after doing a curtain speech at my own  festival “Tennessee Williams Into the Future”  being performed at South Camden Theatre Company in Camden where I serve as Producing Artistic Director.  All of this theatre in the same day in two far reaching ends of New Jersey.

Theatre has never been more alive for me as I look forward to Sunday night.


-Joseph M. Paprzycki


The Second Annual New jersey One-Minute Play Festival is presented in partnership and support ofThe New Brunswick Theater Festival (NBTF) for their teaching artist initiatives in the New Brunswick Community. The NJ OMPF is one night only: Sunday January 22nd, at 7PM at Mile Square Theatre in Hoboken, NJ. For tickets click here



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