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Minutes that Matter


Vanessa Garcia


The sixtieth part of an hour; sixty seconds. A small frame of time; the notes for a meeting. An instant. A flash (maybe not in a pan, but definitely in time’s landscape). A minute is all of this, whether it’s baked in New York City or glazed in the great bold, sun-lit MIA —  it’s enough to wrap your head around, and more than enough time to situate and orient yourself. It’s amazing, how our brains can work around words within this frame — searching for back-story, future-story, present-moment.  This is what drew me in when I had the honor of being asked to write a couple of one-minute plays for the One-Minute Play Festival taking place in Miami on the 26th of February (at the Deering Estate, one of my favorite places within my native city of Miami).

The idea of cognition in compression — and what exactly that means.  How do you do it? How does it happen? How do sixty seconds make a story; how does it all go: click?  I guess the only way I have to answer this is the shorts themselves and the idea that time is an elastic thing — that a minute can, in some instances, contain and release a life; like an atom makes up matter.  I am so looking forward to seeing ALL of the one-minute pieces on Sunday — watching them sync, click, and tick — hopefully coming away with what matters.

-Vanessa Garcia 

The First South Florida One-Minute Play Festival will be held Sunday Feb 26th at 4:30PM and 8:30 PM at The Deering Estate. Tickets are $25 and proceeds will benefit SFTL’s playwright workshop programming.  For tickets and info click here. 

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