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Put The Program Down

Joe Wescott


At OMPF last year, my job was that of audience member. I was probably the only person in the theater following along in the program as the show went along. Y’see, I’m someone who likes to know exactly what I’m watching at all times. It was pretty for me exciting to try and keep track of all the writers and titles, then lose track, then go back through and realize “Oh my God, that was Laura Jacqmin’s” or wonder “Was that Seth Bockley’s piece? With the chairs?” It can be difficult to see both the forest and the trees on a night like this. Which is why I recommend putting the program down and letting it all sink in. Because what you’re watching literally IS Chicago theatre. There are lots and lots of voices in one place, desperate for your attention and eager to keep it in order to tell a good story. But because there are so many others, these voices don’t get very much of your time. In fact, they hardly get any time at all. And when it comes down to it, everyone involved is fine with that.

Or at least I am. I’m really happy to be one of those voices this year. I’m excited about my two minutes in this evening of 85 minutes set to take place in this city of 300 theatre companies. I may not make up a large percentage of the whole, but I was able to make something up, and that was my job this year.

Oh and if you’re at the show, come say hi. I’ll be the playwright nervously fiddling with his program.

-Joe Wescott


The 2nd Annual Chicago One-Minute Play Festival at Victory Gardens Theater is Sunday April 15th and Monday April 16th, both at 7:30 CDT . Proceeds will benefit VG’s Fresh Squeezed programming. Tickets are $15 and available here. The Monday performance at 7:30 CDT will be broadcast on New Play TV


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  1. Emily
    April 4, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    wish we could be there to see your stuff brother!!! So proud 🙂

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