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the chicago one-minute-play-spectacular-knock-down-drag-out-cluster-dazzle-sizzle-reel.

Ike Holter


So I’m, like, totally excited to have some pieces in the Chicago one-minute-play-spectacular-knock-down-drag-out-cluster-dazzle-sizzle-reel.




(And that’s only the SHORT title.)

I love seeing shows in Chicago, because the theater people here are nuts.

No, for real. NUTS. Crazycrazycrazy.




We live in a place where it’s super cold in the Winter and way too hot in the Summer and all of our Springs are like “What?” and Fall season’s over before it even begins; it’s a topsy-turvey city on the lake that gives you all the bang for your buck.




We love festivals because it’s really just a bunch of old and new friends in a rehearsal room trying to pound out something for a few hours that they honestly believe in–no hidden agenda, just that sense of “You know what? This could be fun for a few days. Let’s totally do it.”




I’m working on a few long form pieces right now (and by long form I mean “Longer then one minute”), so it’s always fun to get an assignment that makes you shut off your inner critic and just create something batshit and balls-to-the-walls that will last no longer then a commercial for “The Avengers”.




I left the shorts pretty open to the directors choice, and my great directors (Will Rogers and Keira Fromm) took the bulls by their sharp pointed things and made some fast decisions.




One of my pieces was a scene between a straight couple, now that straight couple is a lesbian couple and guess what: nothing changed!




The other piece has an object that’s open for the Director to decide, so, who knows–that object could end up being a cat or a Persian rug or a ninja or a telescope or a frienemy. I’m excited to see it.




Anyway, the weather here is super bi-polar right now, and I can’t think of anything better to do then run down to the North Side, have a few drinks, and see one hundred crazy chi-city theater people doing their best work for the shortest amount of time possible.




Holladazzle. Hollagram. Hollapalozza.




-Ike Holter




The 2nd Annual Chicago One-Minute Play Festival at Victory Gardens Theater is Sunday April 15th and Monday April 16th, both at 7:30 CDT . Proceeds will benefit VG’s Fresh Squeezed programming. Tickets are $15 and available here. The Monday performance at 7:30 CDT will be broadcast on New Play TV


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  1. April 12, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    Looking forward to Chicago’s edition of #OMPF on Monday! Wonder if there will be nearly as many i-phone app based plays as there were here?

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