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Assume nothing. Notice everything. Make something happen.

Margaret Baldwin


The OMPF task is good for me. In writing and in life, I tend to belabor. For example, I’ve spent a few weeks now thinking about what I would write for the blog, rather than just writing the darn thing. My mind made it bigger and bigger and bigger until I couldn’t make it at all. Making these little plays reminded me how vital it is for me things small enough to make them whole.


Over the weekend I went to New York to see DEATH OF A SALESMAN before it closed. That’s a big play. While watching it I was struck at how necessary each moment felt, and yet how much space there was for the actors (and audience) to breathe, and for the characters to live. Even in the silence, something was happening. No moment felt extraneous or plodding. Each moment felt whole. Wholeness doesn’t come from stuffing everything to the brim; wholeness comes from creating a space for something to happen, and then getting out of the way.


DEATH is big. My plays are small. In them I am trying to touch those tiny moments of grace that can come in the most ordinary places. The times when the veil lifts and you see life so clearly; you feel it around you so palpably, but as soon as you try to put your finger on it, it’s gone.


I have more to say, but this is already getting big enough that I’m tempted to not finish it. But I won’t succumb. Instead, I’ll end with my little playwright’s mantra, which I’d like to get better at following:


Assume nothing

Notice everything

Make something happen.



-Margaret Baldwin 


The First Atlanta One-Minute Play Festival in partnership with Actor’s Express will take place Sunday June 10th and Monday June 11th at 8PM. Tickets are $20 and availablehere. The Monday June 10th Performance will be livestreamed on New Play TV. 



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