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A minute.

A minute.
60 Seconds.  A  minute.
The time that it takes to measure your pulse.
It’s cool. Multiples of 2’s and 3’s
in different permutations.
Blood flowing from the heart, and to the heart
in vessels too small to ignore.
A fistful of playwrights
their time, talent and expertise to squeeze
the essence of play
down to one minute.  One.
Up to 60 seconds.
Beckett’s done it. But Sam I am not.
Chopin’s waltz runs longer than its namesake.
Even sound bites on the 6 o’clock news are shorter.
And you learn all that you need to know
of the tragic, the fraudulent, the corrupt or the aspirational.
60 is the new 40 according to the fashion mags.
Einstein’s relativity defying secrets of the universe.
60 is the standard highway speed limit
A mile a minute. The distance it takes
to measure your pulse, your flow.
In Art there is no limit
but the tattered edges of imagination.
A friend who directs TV commercials is intrigued
‘It’s what we do in  advertising, get everything in
as soon as possible. Character, conflict.  Resolution and product.”
Just don’t be oblique. See how stingy – generous you can  be with
your time, your sounds your willingness to share your love.
Parse syllables.  Pare “Wonderful” down to “great.”
Rhythm. Contrast. Payoff.
Laughter: that straight line between two odd points.
Oh and try to refer to Sandy,
The superstorm – hurricane that knocked us on our collective asses,
that  got us to our collective senses.
Or  write of relationships or how we live now in our state.
Like  blood flowing back to the home heart,
to unload its waste and to revive with oxygen.
O2 . 60 seconds. One minute.
The time it takes to flow in vessels too small to ignore.
The 3rd Annual NJ OMPF in partnership with Passage Theatre is Saturday Jan 9th at 8PM and Sun Jan 10th at 7PM. THe Sun performance will stream live on New Play TV. Tickets are $15 and available here. 
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  1. January 18, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    Yes! “Character, conflict. Resolution and product.” In one minute. That’s the challenge. And the joy. Hoping to capture it tomorrow . . .

  2. January 20, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    I like this..”.In art there is no limit”

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